1. Until at what point can I cancel my shoot?

The day before for a refund.

2. Does edits come with my shoot?

3-5 edits are included contingent upon your package.

3. What's the turn around time on edits?

2-3 days

4. How much does cost per a picture for extra edits?

$10.00 dollars each

5. Can I bring guest to my shoot? If so how many?

1-2 guest at the most

6. Is it extra to use the studio for hair and makeup?

Not unless you exceed the reserved 30 min/ 1 hr session.

7. Is there a late fee for bookings?

Yes, $20.00 dollars every Half hour (30 min)

8. Does my pictures have to have a watermark or your logo?

No, Your edits are watermark/ logo optional 

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